Our Process

Have you found yourself drawn to a piece of etched glass at a neighbor's home, while you wait in line at the bank, or as you dine in a restaurant and wondered how the etching process worked? We'll walk you through our process from start to finish as we begin your custom project.


The most common of all techniques, frosting, is usually seen on glassware, mirrors, windows, and doors. With this technique, we use a gentle blast on the surface of the etched glass leaving behind a beautifully shaded glass. Frosting is perfect for privacy while allowing light to pass through.


A more complex technique, shading creates shadows that give the illusion of depth, leaving a 17-100% range of opacity. 


This technique involves sandblasting a 3-dimensional carving into the glass or media that creates real depth and dimension. Color can be added to a carved piece to accent the design.

Metal Restoration

Metal Restoration is a process where rust and old paint are removed by the sand blast process; then comes the fun part. We then repaint the item back to the original or custom colors for a beautiful new finish on your old piece.

Antiqued Mirror

What's old becomes new again, and what's new can be made to look old. Antiqued mirror is very on-trend and involves taking a new mirror and aging/weathering it to give it an antiqued vintage look.

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